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winter days are here

14 May

Melbourne has turned cold, bitterly cold, over the last week.  Autumn is nowhere to be seen. 

I’m sure this has been blogged a hundred times over, but I think if I had this beautiful ottoman and a big comfy throw on the couch, the weather would be a whole lot more bearable.

As spotted at pickles.


early afternoon

2 May

There is nothing sweeter than an unexpected early afternoon from the office.  Sure, it might have been due to a dentist appointment, but I’ll take what I can get!

An early arrival home meant plenty of time to catch up on the blogosphere after having worked all weekend.  I really do think I could be a professional blog reader…does that job exist?!

I visited eatdrinkchic which I must admit has fallen off my radar…goodness knows why as it’s full of such incredibly beautiful compilations and ideas…like this!


frankie love

2 May

ah…too much inspiration and loveliness to handle!

frankie induced happiness.

etsy love

26 Apr

etsy love of the day…parcel and paper

sydney weekender

26 Apr

if only all weekends were this looooooong…

lesson two

3 Apr

Just last week I completed Basics 2 at Threadden.  This class was buttons and zips…wow!  Buttons were easy, zips more challenging. I thought it was going to be a tough three hours, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Sure, my zips weren’t perfect but I followed the instructions and they work like zips should! 

I’m definately someone who needs purpose to achieve things.  Going to class always inspires me, but I still need purpose to sit down and craft away.  I thought about my efforts in class, and how everything felt easier than when I was at home.  It got me thinking that maybe it’s not the super duper sewing machines, and more to do with being around people and having to show what you’ve created – there is a sense of purpose, and also I suppose a sense that you could “fail”. 

It was with this in mind that I sat down with the purpose to make a gift for a friend’s little girl, who is soon to turn 2.  I figured if I was making with the purpose of giving, and therefore showing my creation, that maybe…just maybe, I might have more success.  Here’s what I made…

I must admit I was pretty chuffed with my efforts!  Maybe I put in more effort…took my time..thought about what I was doing more, that made the end result better.

nth melbourne market

28 Mar

Totally inspired after the North Melbourne Market yesterday!