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tea pot rests

22 May

Sewing is really allowing me to embrace colour and pattern, in a way that I might not normally in say bedlinen, or clothes.  I love colour, but am not always that adventurous in my day to day life.  I’ve been trying to work out of late items that I’d like to make, and it always comes back to homewares…I can’t see me making clothes anytime soon!  I suppose the easiest starting point is to make things that you would look at in a shop or at a market, that way I figure I will enjoy the creating process more. 

Today I sat down with just that intention, and starting making a pile of tea pot rests.  With winter upon us I think they are a nice, comfy little item to nestle a tea pot on.  Ideally I want to improve my sewing to a point where I can start selling things, maybe on etsy, maybe at a market down the track, so I am trying to make several of the one thing to practise and work out better ways of constructing things.  Here’s the results!